I needed a break from a project, so here are some sketches of lizardmen wearing caps. I liked the idea of lizardmen being one of the more intellectual cryptids, and thought it was ironic to dress them like bros I’ve seen drunkenly floating down the river that I live next to.



I wanted to see what I could do with a more humanoid creature, but the best way I found to do this is by exploring creature design with hoodies.



One of the most infamous cryptids in America is the Wendigo. I could have taken this creature a few different ways, but my favorite route is the monstrous deer route.



A while after designing the moleman, I wondered what are the other monsters of American mythology. Instead of minotaurs , harpies, and sphynxes, America’s mythological creatures might be our cryptids like Sasquatch, Mothman, and the Chupacabra. When designing these, I tried to also include several variations on the possible body types before rendering my favorite version.


Creatures of Epic Suburbia

These are some of the first creatures I designed for Epic Suburbia. I have to say I’m quite partial to the sabertooth squirrel, but the moleman inspired me to investigate cryptids, which will be my next post.


Environmental Concept Art

For a while, I was interested in making a concept art section of my website, but I was really just making concept art to help envision my own world and artwork. This concept art section of my website didn’t seem quite right for some reason, so I thought a blog about my ideation process might be a better method of displaying everything from sketches to more finalized concept art. I hope someone out there finds this interesting. But if no one else cares, I hope that this will be a good method to record my own ideation process for myself.

In general, I expect this blog to be focused on the artistic voice I’m constantly chasing/forming/willing into existence. So far, my artistic voice has evolved into this idea of developing a fantasy/mythological/alternate world based on the culture I come from, a fantasy americana. That ranges from southern bayous, Appalachian backwoods, to the white picket fences of suburbia. I just want to depict these things with a bit more epicness. Below, you’ll see a foggy swamp village built on a giant tree like I used to see in Savannah, GA and a monumental statue of a woman on a giant white picket fence. For some reason, I like to think of this statue as both a protector and a gate keeper.